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This is the page where (hopefully) all TeachMeet presentations will be available to view. Either attach your presentation as a file, or embed a Widget from Slideshare/other presentation site with the embed code. Perhaps attaching the files will enable easier searching?

Example embedded presentation:

Hollywood Teachmeet East, Event Cinema, Bondi junction, December 3rd 2012
Melanie Hughes: AISNSW & PLANE
It's all about the hook:inspiring other with technology.ppt

Inaugural Hunter Central Coast Teach Meet 'Splendour in the Class'
ICT Integration A presentation at the inaugural Hunter Central Coast Teach Meet 'Splendour in the Class' is available on the wiki ICT Integration.

Teach Meet ACU 29/11/12
Collaboration online for a great prac/wikispaces

TeachMeet Ashfield at De La Salle College, Ashfield Wednesday 5th September 2012

Agenda with all links embedded:

Karina Anthony: LaSallian 4D project

4D video

Jeannette James: Intro to TeachMeets and Twitter:

TeachMeets calendar:
Obvious to You, Amazing to Others vimeo
TeachMeets Australia website
Jeannette's great blog post on the value of Professional Learning Networks thru TMs and Twitter (not self- promotion - Denise added this link!)

Mosh Mavrakis: Using Google Docs for Collaborative narrative Writing in Ext 1 English

James Eirth: Getting Rid of Traditional Homework

Margaret McGrath: iMovies and Peer Pressure

James Eirth (for Noha Noun): Using Google Docs to Move ESL Students from BICS to CALPs

Tim Doyle: TurnItIn to combat plagiarism


Bernadette Pratelli: Mindmapping with

Elizabeth Sonego: Wikispaces for Senior Music

DLSA Senior Music Wiki (Click link and contact Elizabeth through the wiki for access)

Penny Lawrence and Silvana Rossetti: Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere

Galen Neubronner: Cloudshare activities with Year 9 Science/Google Sites

9.6 BIg Bang
Yr9 ICT Task
Using Googlesites to create websites
The BIg Bang Worksheet
Student site 1
Google form for task submission

Katrina Brubacher, Using Geogebra for Graphing and More

Geogebra website

Monique Dali: Warm Fuzzies

Prezi on Warm Fuzzies at Gilroy

Jenny Symington: Skype Education and Climate Research for Geography

Collecting Weather Data from All Over the World

Nick Manganas: (not presented - ran out of time) 12 Great Sites in 120 seconds

TeachMeet HILLS at Gilroy Catholic College College Tuesday 14th August 2012

Polly Dunning - Flipped Classroom Strategies

Lisa Nash- Qurious Learning - QR codes

Clarinda Brown- turning falling hurting learning

Malyn Mawby - Mirror Mirror

Clarinda Brown- turning falling hurting learningClarinda Brown- turning falling hurting learning


Rose Garofano - Tag Galaxy -

YouTube Clip Demo/explanation

Tag Galaxy
uploaded by TTrustTech on Oct 21, 2011

Denise Lombardo - Using GoogleDocs to Put a Face on Data

TeachMeet City at Bradfield College Fri 15 June 2012

Monique Dalli – Gilroy Catholic College @1moniqued

Cameron Paterson @cpaterso

Mobile phone voting - using - Phillip Cooke @sailpip
- Link to results of the mobile phone voting at TeachMeet (click here)

Michelle Jensen @bibliothecaire3

Georgina Wilcox "The NCSS Challenge is an online programming competition for high school students that teaches students to code in Python"

Big teachmeet at Everleigh March 2012

Presentation by Viviana Mattiello @vivimat78 on #OzEngChat

TeachMeet North 1 - June 14th 2011

Henrietta Miller Web 2 tools to engage, empower and evaluate
Hughes - OneNote and PPT

Esterman - Skype and Wikispaces for collaboration

Dunphy - Global collaboration - connected classrooms
Charlesworth - What If?

TeachMeet North 2 - August 30th 2011

Megan Townes Twitter Profile

Chantelle Morrison & Lou Deibe

TeachMeet City 1 - September 6th 2011

by Megan Townes and Malyn Mawby

TeachMeet Hills 1 - October 30th 2011

Tweetdoc of twitter backchannel Click here for tweetdoc of ideas/resources etc

Trick or Treat by Malyn Mawby
Drama, Technology and You by Karla O (Drama Teachers Network)

Things we thunked in Adelaide by Summer Charlsworth

Pip Cleaves presentation

Alice Bradford's presentation

Alice Cheung's presentation

Ben Jones Presenation "DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?"

Clarinda's presentation:

Cameron Patterson's presentation

TeachMeet North @ Ravo 16 Nov 2011

Two Minute Micro by @townesy77
#tmsydney Twitter Backchannel using PowerPoint slide via SAP Web 2.0

Other backchannel options include:

I can do that by Henrietta Miller

TeachMeet Xmas @ Abbotsleigh 30 Nov 2011


(<1 MB)

PDF portfolio of presentations by : @FionaR_B @mitchsquires @mesterman @whartonag @shhartley @LaurenForner

(16 MB)

@clarindabrown 's presentation on Pearltrees

@LaurenForner 's presentation on Pre-Service Teachers Network

@townesy77's presentation on Minecraft Mothering

@mesterman's Xmas Spit List (Ideas and innovation)

@whartonag's presentation The gift of teaching: Reflections from a first year teacher

@7mrsjames Education as a gift -Santa Skype video and powerpoint


@7mrsjames and post on international teachmeet pearltrees


TM WEST TERM 1 2012 - ST PAUL'S 13th March

Presentation Topic/Idea

Yasodai Selvakumaran
Rooty Hill High School
Translating web 2.0 tools for critical thinking and confidence

Marita Thomson
The Kings School
Trying a mobile app for year 7 orientation.

Kuldip Khehra
Quakers Hill High School
OneNote and Why I Love It

Fiona Boughey
St Paul's
Capturing Your Screen to Give Meaningful Feedback

Mark O'Sullivan
Good Samaritan Catholic College
Using Wordpress as a Resource Sharing Tool for English
Dann Weatherhead
St Paul's
Managing Social Media using Hootsuite

Megan Hasite
St Paul's
Hattie's Visible Learning

Micro Presentation Idea

Linda Gibson-Langford
The Kings School
Ramese II's Facebook

Leanne McLean
St Paul's
Evernote Lesson Planning
Getting Rid of the Day Book

Rob Storrie
St Paul's

Megan Townes
RPGs and Learning



TM LANGUAGES TERM 2 2012 - 24th April
Contact Email
Title of Presentation
Joe Dale
An alternative CPD model with the MFL Twitterati

Andrew Jeppesen
Storytelling and Languages

Fiona Boughey
Using Screencaptures to improve student feedback

Richard Winstanley
Creative Ideas for Assessment Tasks

Heather Witten (via Skype)
Flipping the Spanish Classroom
Video Introduction to the Flipped Class

Email Contact
Title of Presentation
Gina Doukas
LEAPS Mentoring Program

Ghislaine Barbe
Using Wordle for writing skills in non-scripted languages.

Cameron Paterson
History for language teachers

Jeanine Prosser

Steve Collis
Visual Metaphor Maps




Presentation by Viviana Mattiello (@vivimat78) on Pearltrees (social curation tool)