The Catholic Education Office, Sydney will be hosting a TeachMeet on the topic of Authentic Learning. All educators are welcome.

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Link to attend or register:

Venue: St Joseph The Worker Primary School, Auburn South.

Address: 2 New St, Auburn South.

Date: Tuesday May 26th, 2015.

Time: 3.45pm for a 4.15pm start.

For more information, please contact:

Joanna Stella (T: @jostella19 or E:

Magdalene Mattson (T: @madgiemgEDUor E:

What is Authentic Learning?
"If we are not careful or more deliberate in our efforts to understand it, the concept of Authentic Learning could be in danger of becoming just another educational buzzword. Fully understanding Authentic Learning will be the first step to understanding how your students will directly benefit from this new style of teaching and learning."
Feel free to read this blog about the nature of Authentic Learning and why it is important for educators.
In November 2014, Dr Michael Bezzina spoke with some members of the #aussieED team about Authentic Learning and why it is important for teachers to engage in authentic teaching and learning practices.

Callison and Lamb (2004) investigated authentic learning and identified eight features of authentic teaching and learning:
Student-centered learning,
Access to multitude of resources beyond the school,
Students as apprentices aiming to improve their skills,
Opportunities for students to gather original data,
Inspire lifelong learning beyond the classroom task,
Authentic assessment of process,
Focus on assembling an authentic product or performance,
Team collaboration among students.

(Callison, D., & Lamb, A. (2004). Key words in instruction: Authentic learning. School Library Media Activities Monthly, 21(4), 34-39.)