TeachMeet – The Outdoor Classroom

Date: Term 3, Tuesday 30th August.
Time:4pm to 6pm
Location: Sydney Olympic Park, Education Centre in Bicentennial Park

Share, learn and network. This ‘Outdoor Classroom’ TeachMeet will bring teachers (Geography, Science and History) together to share experience, innovative practices and new ideas in pedagogy for teaching inquiry based learning outside the conventional classroom. This will be an engaging afternoon to network, share ideas and discover how you can effectively engage students in fieldwork in the school yard, local community and beyond! While this TeachMeet is aimed at educators of Science, Geography and History, we welcome and encourage participation from pre-service teachers, university lecturers, and Early Childhood teachers. The afternoon will begin with light refreshments followed by a short workshop in a ‘Mangrove Classroom’ to demonstrate some of the fieldwork techniques and equipment you can put together for your own ‘School Fieldwork Kit’ and then the TeachMeet will take place in the Education Centre from 4.30 to 6pm.

We invite participants and presenters to register here for a 2 or 7 minute presentation.

We look forward to connecting with like-minded educators who wish to embrace teaching beyond the 4 walls of the conventional classroom at TeachMeet – The Outdoor Classroom.