Want to host a TM?

Please remember that teachmeets are run BY TEACHERS (including pre-service and higher ed). If you are a consultant, bureaucrat, administrator, business owner or other non-classroom based entity, please contact one of the ambassadors below to be enlightened about how teachmeets work. You may not run teachmeets at a corporate/paid function - it's against the point.

So you'd like to host a TeachMeet?...

Know what you're doing?
1. Create a new page (name it something unique e.g. a TM held in Term 3 of 2012 in the South West might be called "TMSWT32012" and
2. add your event to the Calendar of Events page! (you can put a hyperlink to your page from there).
3. Start advertising.

OR... you're not sure where to start

Contact someone who has participated in a TeachMeet or has already organised one. Check out the TeachMeet FaceBook group to ask for support.

Also contact Mike Wheadon (see Contacts page) who runs www.teachmeet.net to have your event advertised nationally!

Simon Harper & Matt Esterman are also on standby to help you get started.

What you will need to do as a Host:

Before the day...
  • Provide a room/location with a data projector and speakers (if there are going to be presentations/demonstrations)
  • Organise to have the room free for the time(s) you want to host
  • Confirm a date that suits your school/location
  • Check to see if there is already a TM running in your region near that time via the Calendar of Events page
  • Confirm the date and add the information to the wiki for that region (e.g. TeachMeet South)
  • Start advertising within your school and within the TeachMeet Sydney network and beyond (associations, unions, sector-based networks etc).

On the day...
  • Be present on the night and lead the TeachMeet on the day
  • Upload any resources provided by the presenters to the TM Sydney wikispace

NEED SOME ORGANISATION HELP? TAKE A LOOK AT THE HOST PACK. Remember, this is NOT a rule book! You can host however you want, wherever you want, whenever you want.

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